Welcome to Keihärinkoski

The village of Keihärinkoski lies on the road by the same name in the beautiful landscape of upper Lake Keitele. The village is active having a kiosk and a lively fishing harbour in Luotolansaari. Erkin kala ja matkailu provides services for fishing and boating people. There is a newly built lookout tower of Täivuori in the village. From there a spectacular view of water and forest unfold before your eyes in all directions. This is definitely a place to visit.

The facilities for fishing are excellent. The route with many rapids from Lake Kivijärvi to Lake Keitele flows through the village. The Keihärinkoski Rapids is broad and shallow and makes a very good place for fishing trout and grayling. The licences are sold by Siro Hämäläinen, phone + 358 14 5391 72.

There are beaches in Keihärinkoski and near to the kiosk there is a place for playing beach volley. In the wintertime indoor games are played in the village house a there is also a gym there. Needless to say, surrounding nature provides excellent skiing facilities.