Welcome to Kumpumäki!

The northeastern part of Viitasaari is called Kumpumäki meaning that it is highland area. There is a well-known nature trail off the Blue Road there to Heinäsuvanto, which is a swampy lake area and a resting place for migratory birds in spring and in autumn. The Kumpumäki village consists of several smaller areas called Kolkku, Kärnä and Kuorekoski. Kolkku concentrates on agriculture, and has its own web pages in http://www.kolkku.info/ There is an electricity plant museum in Kärnä. The village lies by Kärnänkoski rapids which is part of the route from Lake Kolima to Lake Keitele. This is where you can do flyfishing. There are bivouac shelters built for fishermen and hikers along the banks of the rapids. Fishing licences are only available at Kymönkoski ruokapuoti shop. Phone + 358 14 532 119